Services carefully customized for your needs

Whether increasing revenue, finding the right job candidate, or eliminating inefficiencies, I help organizations face challenges and formulate plans for change. Below are examples of my offerings. Every project is different, and services are customized for your needs. I encourage you to contact me for a conversation, evenespecially—if you are not quite sure what you need.

Marketing Assessment

Review your strategy, operational workflows, or overall structure

Leadership Search

Find the right candidates, vet them with an industry leader, and prepare them for success

Session-Based Coaching

Use regular sessions to gain peer insights, identify resources, and overcome barriers

Transition Management

Prepare for a new chapter with the guidance of a thoughtful and experienced change maker


Marketing Assessment: Strategy, Structure, and Workflow

We all benefit from a fresh set of eyes to determine which marketing approaches are working (or aren't). If you feel your strategies are out of sync with best practice, or just want a second opinion before determining where to invest next, those are good signs that an assessment may be in order. With a 360-degree view of your strategies, structure, and operations, let's assess your approach, and craft a roadmap for the short and long-term. Assessments can take a variety of forms, to be determined based on an understanding of your specific goals.


The scope of evaluation may encapsulate any or all of eleven key areas (such as overall planning frameworks, digital marketing strategies, pricing and revenue management, and more), ​or could look more operationally at how the team is structured and working together. An effective marketing team is a dynamic mix of the right people, with a shared direction, working as efficiently as possible to meet your organizational goals. You can get there.


Marketing Leadership Search

With a robust network, the first-hand knowledge to fully vet candidates, and a keen ability to distinguish style from substance, let me help you find the right fit for your company's culture and goals. With the broad array of marketing specializations in the 21st century, it is easy to mistake strength in one area for strength in every area. The right leader for your marketing team will need to have a skill set aligned with your particular needs and structure, and should be someone to inspire collaboration and creativity across your team.


Session-Based Coaching for Marketing Leadership

There are times when even the most seasoned marketer needs an experienced peer to compare notes and determine the best next steps. To this end, marketing leadership coaching is offered on an hourly basis to help marketing leaders work toward their goals and eliminate barriers, with the support of a compassionate and knowledgeable ally. The focus of these sessions can vary widely, from more of a personal growth focus to a strategy and leadership focus. Regardless of your needs, these sessions are confidential and individually designed.

Some samples of client starting points:

Business Strategy:

“I need a confidential sounding board for the strategies and changes I’m considering.”

"I've got years of marketing experience in other industries, but not in the arts and culture space specifically. Can you assist in my transition?"

Team Leadership & Development:

“I need to dedicate real time to being a more present leader and providing my team with solid direction.”

“I just don’t feel like I know how to ask for what I want from my staff.”

Personal Behavior Change & Growth:

“I feel like I am always overwhelmed and I can never think clearly enough to feel like I’m doing a good job.”

“I am terrified of failing, and I’m not doing my best work as a result.”


Transition & Change Management

The effective implementation of any plan is not just about ideas—it is about the employees who will carry it out on your behalf each day. Whether you are debuting a new aspect of your business model, or implementing a new tool or structure, I'll work with you to improve staff engagement and buy-in, and ultimately improve your chances of successful change.

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