What is your biggest marketing challenge?
Marketing Strategy and Operational Review

Whether increasing revenue, finding the right job candidate, or eliminating inefficiencies, I am committed to helping organizations face challenges and seize opportunities. Below are examples of my offerings, and I encourage you to contact me for a conversation. If, like many, you are not quite sure what you need just yet, then that is all the better reason to get in touch.

We all benefit from a fresh set of eyes. Perhaps you struggle to see which marketing efforts are working (or aren't), feel like your strategies are out of sync with best practice, or just want a second opinion before embarking on the next phase of your plan. With a 360-degree view of your strategies and operations, let's assess your approach, and craft a roadmap for the short and long-term.


The scope of evaluation may encapsulate any or all of the following key areas:


  • Overall Strategy and Planning

  • Audience and Market Research

  • Audience Development and Engagement

  • Creative Direction and Services

  • CRM Strategy and Systems

  • Customer Service and Ticketing Operations

  • Digital Marketing and Platforms

  • Paid Media/Advertising

  • Partnership Marketing

  • Pricing and Revenue Management

  • PR and Communications

Executive & Senior Management Staff Searches

The right leader for your marketing team is not just the best marketer, but also someone to inspire collaboration and creativity in every area therein. With a robust network, the first-hand knowledge to fully vet candidates, and a keen ability to distinguish style from substance, let me help you find the right fit for your company's culture and goals.

Marketing Leadership Coaching

There are times when even the most seasoned marketer needs an experienced peer to compare notes and determine the best next step. To this end, marketing leadership coaching is offered on an hourly basis to help marketing leaders work toward their goals and eliminate barriers, with the support of a compassionate and knowledgeable ally. 

Staffing Structure & Workflow Assessment

Great strategies require great people to bring them to life. The most dynamic marketing teams collaborate with a clear division of duties (without silos), consistent accountability, and an efficient use of everyone's time. Unclear processes and broken communication chains can quickly defeat even the best of intentions. Rather than settling for the status quo, take an opportunity to step back, evaluate team structure, and consider a new model for working together.

Transition & Change Management

The effective implementation of any plan is not just about ideas -- it is about the employees who will carry it out on your behalf each day. Whether you are debuting a new aspect of your business model, or implementing a new tool or structure, let me work with you to improve staff engagement and buy-in, and ultimately improve your chances of successful change.

Campaign Strategy Development

If you are in need of a new way to market your events, a new production, or an extraordinary milestone, let me help you get started. Combining expertise in paid and earned media with data-driven, multi-channel relationship marketing, I will work with you to find a sustainable way to engage new customers, while retaining those you already know.

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